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Acrylic Flat Pack Displays

We were contacted by a large corporate company to produce a large number of flat pack acrylic displays which had to hold 12 individually business cards, we were given a spec sheet of what the displays had to do and the sizes they had to be within but the main point was it had to be a flat pack version to keep shipping costs down this main problem with this for us was the amount of design work needed to make it all fit together perfectly and more importantly, easily as the customers had to fabricate it themselves, after many hours on the CAD/CAM design we finally got a mock-up of the overall design once we were happy with the design we machined a prototype it check all fittings, we had to make some changes to the design after 3 or 4 prototypes we got the final version, we then sent the final prototype to the company's main head office for approval after they approved the final prototype we were asked to produce 5000 units for dispatch to their local branches, it was a very time consuming project but a worthwhile one everyone was very happy with the display cases

I would just like to say thanks to everyone who was involved with this project.

Acrylic Flat Pack Displays. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland
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