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3D Carving. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

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3D Carving

3D Carving. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Our high tech CNC routers can machine in 3 axis which gives us the ability to machine any type of 3D surface. 3D surface machining is a lot more complex but allows you to make some amazing things, from a simple curved surface to complex moulds and patterns.

The benefits of CNC 3D Carving

  • High accuracy

  • Repeatability, same parts everytime

  • Time saving when compared to hand carving

  • High surfaces finish helping to eliminate hand finishing

  • Unlimited model designs and scale

  • Multi layer or sliced models can be made

  • Why range of materials can be machined

Common parts made by 3D carving

  • Carved reliefs 

  • Bass relief (shallow cutting)

  • 3d models

  • Moulds / plugs

  • Arcutechical millwork

  • Joinery

  • Detailed signage letters

  • Complex curved surfaces

  • Lithographs

  • 3D Wall Panelling