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3D Carving. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

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3D Carving

3D Carving. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Our high tech CNC routers can machine in 3 axis which gives us the ability to machine any type of 3D surface. 3D surface machining is a lot more complex but allows you to make some amazing things, from a simple curved surface to complex moulds and patterns.

The benefits of CNC 3D Carving

  • High accuracy

  • Repeatability, same parts everytime

  • Time saving when compared to hand carving

  • High surfaces finish helping to eliminate hand finishing

  • Unlimited model designs and scale

  • Multi layer or sliced models can be made

  • Why range of materials can be machined

Common parts made by 3D carving

  • Carved reliefs 

  • Bass relief (shallow cutting)

  • 3d models

  • Moulds / plugs

  • Arcutechical millwork

  • Joinery

  • Detailed signage letters

  • Complex curved surfaces

  • Lithographs

  • 3D Wall Panelling

3D Carving. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

How does it work

The 3D carving process for making such items can range for a pretty easy set up right through to very complex multiply set ups with multiply tooling and layered sliced reliefs.

In all cases you first need the 3D model itself this can either be supplied by the customer or we can buy or create one for them for you , creating a complex or highly detailed 3D model can take a lot of time to do a good example of this would be the game of thrones doors we did,  each 3D design took days of work just to create the 3D model never mind actually manufacturing it so this can be an expensive part of the process

Once you have your 3D model you then need to import it into the machine software where you do the initial set up work and add the positions and toolpaths to cut it out (5) (1).jpg

Image showing the red lines these are the toolpaths the machine will use to cut the material (4) (1).jpg

Model above has been imported and

set up ready for toolpaths

3D Carving. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Once you have applied the correct set up and toolpaths to your 3D model you then send all the correct data and toolpaths to the CNC Router, you are now ready for the machining process.

Machining process is pretty simply as you have already done most of your set up work in the computer you just need to make sure your material is secure, safe in the correct position, make sure your machine origin on the CNC is set right and that you have set up the correct tooling in the correct positions once you have these factors right you are ready to start machining.

3D carving in general takes a lot of time especially with fine detailed models the finer the detail the longer it takes to machine because you need small sized tools to get those fine details and it really is the fine details that make all the difference in these especially bass relief panels like those game of throne doors, example the GOT Doors took 50+machine hours just to carve out so 3d carving is normally pretty expensive.

You typically machine the 3d models in 2 passes one roughing pass to remove excess material and then a final pass to get the smooth and detailed finish.

Your roughing pass should be done as quick as possible to speed up the process and to save the customer money in machine time, but make sure you do not break off any of the material especially in wood as this is very easily done , make sure you set this up correctly in your toolpaths and by not going at the material too hard.

3D Carving. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Picture above used a large ball

nose tool for rough pass with offset command


download (19)faxde.jpg

Finished 3D carving ready for final sanding and staining by the customer or our team of finishers

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