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Panelling Manufacturing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland



Panelling Manufacturing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Here at Trade Made we have been producing a range of various panel sheeting for the last 10 years, all our panels are individually cnc machined on our CNC Routers to a very tight tolerance and speciation, the beauty with our paneling is it can come in any size in any material and any design style thus allowing you to have a completely bespoke pattern or panel shape making your job standard out from the rest and yes of course there is the standard range of panels which is typically the most popular and normally more cost-effective but its nice to have the freedom to produce anything the customer requires

Panelling Manufacturing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Our Range of Panelling

  • Slat wall

  • Pegboard

  • V-groove ( tongue and groove effect)

  • Glazing Bars

  • Acoustic Panels

  • 3d Wall panels

  • Fret cut screens

Common Materials we use



Panelling Manufacturing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland


Panelling Manufacturing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland




cnc routering panel


Slatwall Panels

Slatwall has been around for a long time it has been a go to panel for shop fitters for the last 20 years this cost effective slotted panel is ideal for displaying all sort of products with a massive range of fittings slatwall  is a versatile and cost effective shop display system.

Slatwall comes in many colours and wood grain effects typically boards are 8x4 or 4x4 in size and can be machined portrait or landscape however the standard layout is portrait with 100mm centres between the slots,  each 8x4 board has 24 slots and you add some metal or plastic slot inserts to give colour contrast to the board this also strengthens the board really useful or heavy products , We can laminate any colour or make custom printed boards if so required.

Panelling Manufacturing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland


Pegboard is something similar to slat wall where a board is used to display your products but instead of having slots running through the board it has holes machined out of it, these holes allow you to insert peg into them from which you can hang or fix various fittings so you can display your products , peg board is a more modern and cleaner looking display system given a shop layout a cleaner more modern look , The use of birch plywood for panels has become pretty popular not only does it look really well but its very strong too ,Need something extra we can even add graphics , logos or full cover prints to you pegboard to give that extra special touch.

Panelling Manufacturing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

V-Groove panels

Our V-Groove panels are very popular as they give the effect of tongue and groove wall panelling except they are one big piece of MDF and not a series of wood slats which require you to assembly thus saving you a lot of time in fitting, these panels can be made to any shape size, or bespoke slot pattern, standard sizes are typically 8x4 or 4x4 sheets they have ½ chamfered edges so they can be joined with no visible join lines making them ideal for long continuous runs of panelling, We Have 2 main style a single V-Groove and a double V-Groove both can be machine in portrait or landscape or at a certain angle if required, this versatile panel can be easily cut and shaped by yourself with basic tools like a jigsaw or table saw. We normally make this panel from standard MDF to keep the cost down but we can make it from any type of material just depends on your application.

Panelling Manufacturing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Glazing Bars

Glazing bars also know as fan light bars to some people are decorative designs that go onto the surface of windows, doors and mirrors to create a nice design detail this also helps break the look up of a full piece of glass.


Our Gazing Bars are normally made from MR MDF or exterior grade MDF but we also use PVC as well for them, glazing bars are typically made to size as they are to fit individual windows normally so a standard size does not really apply to these simple tell us what size you need and we will make it to your size.

Glazing Bars come in all sorts of designs and styles normally rectangle in overall shape but we also make arched glazing bars as well.

Panelling Manufacturing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Acoustic Panels

Over the years we have been asked numerous times to manufacture panelling for acoustic needs the panels we have produced for these have either been birch plywood or FR MDF whatever the case material wise we can make it regardless of material.


The acoustic panels we have made have been very similar its either a board with a series of holes drill into it or a series of slots at certain angle, the pattern for these holes or slot does not matter to us as each board is cnc machined to order anyway the reason for the small holes or slots is to break down the sound wave as it travels over and through the board couple this perforated board with acoustic foam on the back and you have a very effective noise cancelling board which is normally applied to walls and ceilings.


With us CNC cutting each board we can trailer the pattern overall shape and size to your requirements making them totally unique and not a standard of the shelf product.

Panelling Manufacturing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

3D Wall Panels

3d wall panels are becoming every more popular within interior spaces from wall covering features to furniture parts,  3d carved panels are pretty cool and very unique all the 3d panels we manufactured come from Birch plywood or MDF typically a deep route version of MDF as to keep a good solid surface after the CNC work is done this is very important when it comes to the final finishing.


3D Wall panels can be made in pretty much any pattern or design there is 2 main ways to produce these 3d wall panels one is by a complex 3d model which is carved out by smaller tools to achieve the 3d look this is a lot slower than the 2.5d way. The other way is a 2.5d process where we ramp the machine tool in a out of the material to create the 3d pattern this method is a lot quicker than the full 3d cutting version. The cutting method all depends on the design you want but regardless of manufacturing technique anything is possible with these funky cool wall panels.

Panelling Manufacturing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Fret cut screens

Fret cut screens are just panels with designs cut out of them, they come in a large range of designs and materials such as MDF, Plywood, plastic and metals, we can basically machine anything out in any type of material. The high the detail level the longer the machine work takes, fret cut panels are used mainly as decorative screens and can be cut to any shape or size simple give us a call or send your designs and we can easily manufacture these for you. A good sample of fret cut panels would be the burning temple we did it contained over 300k of fret work and 300 8x4 sheets.

Panelling Manufacturing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

If you require any type of panelling please drop us a line our sale team will be glad to help

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