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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting


When it comes to precision cutting of intricate shapes and designs in metal why not take advantage of our Fibre laser cutting service. We can process sheet sizes up to 3000 x 1500mm and up to 20mm thick. Cutting such materials like Stainless steel, Carbon Steel , Aluminium etc is a breeze with our State of the Art Fibre laser 

  • High accuracy

  • Repeatability, same parts every time

  • Time-saving compared to conventional machining 

  • High surface and edge finish helps to eliminate hand finishing

  • Unlimited model designs and scale

  • Express parts normally within a few days 

  • Why range of materials and applications

Advantages of fibre laser cutting

For large volume production runs, CNC routing is hard to beat ,but when it comes to metal cutting especially stainless or carbon steel a fibre laser is the only way to go


Our CNC Fibre Laser is State of Art with full digital server motors on all axis plus highly accurate helical rack and pinion rails allowing for super fast and  accurate cutting with a typical accuracy of 0.1mm so perfect for really precise cutting in metals

High precision CNC gas cutting metal sheet_edited.jpg

Internal corners

With conventional machining, you use tools to machine the components which leave`s an internal corner due to the cutter size, This appears as a slight curve on all the inside corners with CNC laser cutting it uses a focus light beam typically around 0.1mm diameter which leaves little to no corner radius thus allowing exact internal corners  


Precision etching or engraving

The pinpoint accuracy of our laser means we can laser etch or engrave simple or complex designs onto a wide range of materials.  

laser marking.jpg

Cutting thin or thick material

Thin or thick sheets no matter what you need cut  we have you covered our 3kw laser can cut thin sheets right down to .5mm and thick sheets up to 20mm in carbon steel. Check below for full material specs and sizes  

Close-up plate part made from fiber Laser cutting metal machine.

Faster Production 

Got a job, Need it done in a rush, Simply drop us an email or lift the phone, tell us what it is and when you need it for and we will get it sorted for you its


Miniature man sitting on the hands of a clock. Concept of waiting or running out of time.

What materials can be laser cut?

We can cut a range of metals on our CNC Fibre Laser , we can also cut thicker materials if needed  via CNC routering  

  • Stainless steel up to 8mm

  • Carbon steel up to 20mm

  • Aluminum up to 10mm 

  • Brass up to 8mm

  • Copper up to 8mm

Some applications for  lasering cutting?

  • Signage letters

  • Engineering Components

  • Steel Fretwork

  • Medical industries

  • Automotive industriess

Contact us today to let us know how we can help you

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