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Printing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland


Printing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland


As well as our excellent CNC service and Trade signage we also provide a full digital printing service to the trade, we have invested heavily in state of the art digital print room with a range of printers from signage printers to commercial high-end photographic printers with resolutions up to 2400x 4800 dpi for large-format photographs. In addition to our printers we have a wide range of finishing equipment to help protect and finish the print itself.


We have also installed a clean room where all the printing and some of the finishing work takes place, with all these factors you can be assured that our printing service is simply the best.

Why have the hassle of printing media yourself when you can use a local print company at the right price with super speedy service and nationwide delivery if that doesn’t sound good here are some other points to think about.

Why you should outsource your printing requirements

  • Only pay for what you get (no more waste media, ink or money )

  • Ready to go guaranteed prints

  • No printer maintenance

  • No manufacturing costs

  • No Headaches

  • Spend more time working on sales instead of production

As printing has so many different applications here at trade made we have focused our printing service on the following products, however if you require anything no mentioned please contact us with you enquire and we will try our best to fulfill your requirements.

  • Banners

  • Mesh banners

  • Roller banners

  • Printed roll vinyl

  • Stickers

  • Print and CNC contour cut signs

  • Back coloured acrylic

  • Photo enlargement

  • Print and fabrication

The printing is only a small part of the print process it all starts from the artwork here is a basic run down of how we process your print job.

  • Customer job requirements (banners, vinyl, stickers, laminating,  etc.)

  • Customer supplies Artwork (preferable print ready)

  • We can design or sort your artwork if required

  • Once artwork is print ready. Colour matching is done if this is required, most corporate companies need this done to match colours to the logo's etc pantone codes are required for this.

  • After the artwork is finally checked and colour codes matched we rip it and start the printing process.

  • Once print is finished if it needs further processing like cutting, laminating or application this is done.

The printing itself is only a small part of the process you need high powered computers and software to handle large scale artwork lucky we have this in hand running programs like Photoshop, illustrator corel and rip software.

Banners Printing Services

Banner printing is one of the most used sign types around you can see these signs absolutely  everywhere and rightly so as they are cheap, long-lasting can be made in any size and in a variety of banner materials, here at trade made we normally use a 450gram banner material as this is right in the sweet spot of quality vs price, more than strong enough for any application, all our banners come with seems welded via banner tape and steel eyelets, so it's ready to go all you have to do is fit it, this sign type can be used indoors or outside its very versatile.

A Mesh Banner is just the same as a standard Banner the only difference is this banner material is full of tiny holes to allow wind to pass through, this is used a lot around areas where wind is acting on the sign with a standard a banner wind basically turns the banner a sail and if the wind Is strong enough it can rip the banner so a mesh banner would be best suited in these conditions again this banner comes seemed and eyeleted ready to fit. used mainly outdoors in windy conditions also allows you to see through the banner so it’s not total blocking the background behind it.

Printing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Mesh Banner

Roller Banners also known as pop up banners are another popular type of display the good thing with these signs is they can be taken down if not required by simple lifting them on the holder hook.

The banner itself is housed in a roller mechanism at the base of the unit basically the banner is in a roll  in the base,  you pull it up and attach it to  the top of long pole which is supplied with the unit really simple but very effective for indoor applications, this pop up banner can be double sided and comes in a 2 main sizes 1m wide or 600mm wide both 2m tall.

Printing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Roller Banner

A lot of trade work is based around printed roll media where we simply print your artwork onto whatever substrate you have requested this tends to be vinyl we provide 3 types of vinyl all different in application and costs.

  • Vinyl in order

  • Monomeric

Printing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Printed roll vinyl

Everyone knows and loves stickers something we do daily, the good thing with stickers is you can apply them to almost any smooth surface, you can make them in any shape or size make them even cooler with a funky contour cut the possibilities are endless with stickers, these can be very cost effective for what they can do.

Display you logo or message anywhere with handy in your pocket stickers, simply peel and stick.

Maxims your sticker with lamination and contour cutting.

Printing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland


With our print and CNC cut service you don’t need to worry about applying any graphics to your background panels, this service provides you ready to go signs. With our print and CNC cut we have the ability  to print and apply direct to the substate then we will CNC machine the signs to final shape saving you a lot of time by removing the labour required to manually apply the vinyl. This is very effective when you have a number of smaller panels and multi sheets of the same sign, we normally use 8x4 or 10x5 sheets for this but smaller sheet can be used to just depends on your requirements also the sheets can be all the same sign or a mix of various signs.

Printing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Print and CNC cut

Our photo enlargement service is exactly what its says we simple take you images or photos and make them big and better, with our high quality photographic printer  we can provide you with images up to 1.5m wide by any length in one piece all with a print dpi of up to 2400 x4800

Printing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Photo Enlargement

The laminator is used to add another layer of clear vinyl to prints this clear layer adds twice as much protection to your print helping it to withstand damages from scraps and U.V. Light. The over laminate comes in 2 main finishes a clear gloss and a clear matt effect both have their benefits, you can also apply a non-slip overlay which is used in floor graphics. We would highly recommend laminating as it really increases print durability and longevity.

Printing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland


Vinyl Plotting is a machine which simply cuts rolls of vinyl into shapes or letters, with vinyl being such a versatile material within the sign industry its very important to be able to offer this cutting service, typical vinyl would be stickers, vinyl lettering and wall graphics, there are absolutly loads of different vinyl’s and vinyl colours plus you can print onto it to so super versatile absolute great material

Printing. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland

Vinyl plotting

Need a print? Then give us a call: 028 3026 8623

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