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Acrylic Panels

CNC Cut Shapes

With our advanced CNC CUT Shapes Calculator, we empower you with the convenience to place orders for CNC machined parts, encompassing a wide spectrum of designs ranging from simple shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles to highly intricate components featuring holes, recesses, and designated drill locations. No part is deemed too small or intricate for us. To initiate the process, you simply need to enter the overall dimensions of your desired component or shape, specify the required quantity, select the preferred material, and configure the machining options accordingly.

Upon entering these details, our efficient calculator will swiftly generate a comprehensive cost estimate for your consideration. Should you choose to proceed, you can easily upload your CAD file and add the project to your cart. Subsequently, our team will conduct a meticulous review of your job, ensuring that all specifications and requirements are met. In the event of any questions or concerns related to your components or shapes, our team will promptly reach out to you via phone or email to address them with utmost attention to detail. We are committed to delivering seamless and precise CNC machining solutions to meet your specific needs.

Prodcution time  1-2 weeks

Massive range of materials

Design services available

Bespoke CNC Cutting

ISO 9001 Quality standards

Instant quote and order 

About our online Calculators

Use our online calculators to get a quick and accurate cost for your cnc cut parts, The calculator will give you a good estimate of the cost if you are happy to proceed you can order and upload your production file straight away this will get your job straight onto the production list. 


You can also send your file directly to us for manual pricing as sometimes you can get a better cost depending on the actual artwork of your job but this can take longer to get the price back and possibly cost more than what the calculator has quoted you, we recommend using the calculator for quick turnaround if your happy with cost

Outline your project

Dimensions / Quantity

Specify the panel size and the quantity that you require.



Select The Substrate

Choose the colour and thinkness of the acrylic. Click here for colour chart.


Select the closet option for your parts , we will check everything before cutting anyway 

Quote Summary







The Substrate







Based on the information entered above the price for the manufacture of the job is shown below. You must provide a cut ready vector based artwork file.

Upload File


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