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LED Edge Lit Signs




We were asked to produce 6 LED Edge illuminated signs all with different company names and logos, the signs we to be mounted onto clear acrylic trade show stands for a water pump company.

We took the company logos and etched them into 5 mm clear acrylic with mounting holes in the 4 corners, we used satin sliver stand screw locator for the fixtures which will space the panel of the background by about 30mm, once the panels where fully machined on our CNC router we then flame polished the edge of the acrylic to help highlight the signs. Each sign was illuminated with a very thin strip of blue LEDs which was mounted inside a small thin piece of chrome extrusion.

We had machined a small track in the bottom of each panel to hold the extrusion this simple slide on fixing means they could change the light source or panel any time they liked, these types of LED engraved signs carry a real punch they may be small, but they be mighty and certainly get your attention, for information on these types of sign please give us a ring or email us details below.

LED Edge Lit Signs. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland
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