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Oak Scrolls for Staircase


We were asked if we could manufacture a set of scrolls for a customer's hallway. The customer Michael phoned us and asked if we would make him a number of oak scrolls for his hallway they were to match his staircase, he sent us a basic drawing of the scrolls  and the overall length and height they had to be, we then used our CAD/CAM Design software to design the scrolls once we were happy with the overall design we sent the proof back to Michael for him to check and sign of the design, he wanted a few more tweaks made to the design like adding some material to the ends, so they could trim off on site, we made the modifications and sent back a new proof, Michael was then happy to move into production.


Before we could start the CNC process we need to source the material, we need to get some nice white oak, we got this from our local hardwood supplier with not much trouble again we got Michael to approve the material before we process it. A key point with natural wood it's always best to get air dried material this will help stop the wood warping on cupping before and after machining, "Now everything was ready for CNC routering", we set up each plank on the CNC router then machined each piece to the correct size once finished we packaged the materials carefully and sent them off to England to Michaels home, we received a phone call a few days from Michael saying he had got the components and had fitted them and how delighted he was with them and now professional our service was I thought that was very nice of him to do this, so thanks Michael for the work it was a pleasure to do them for you, I hope they give you many years of happiness.

Oak Scrolls for Staircase. Cutting Edge Designs. Northern Ireland
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