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Unveiling Excellence: Trade Made, The Channel Letter ExpertsElevating C

Elevating Craftsmanship in Copper Channel Letters

At Trade Made, we thrive on pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship. Our recent collaboration with Ascot Signs brought forth a spectacular project: crafting a series of built-up copper channel letters that stand as a testament to our expertise and precision.

The Ascot Signs Challenge: Seeking Trade Made Expertise

When Ascot Signs needed an unparalleled level of craftsmanship for their copper channel letters, they turned to Trade Made – recognized industry-wide as the channel letter experts. Our mission? To not just meet but exceed expectations in every aspect of this challenging project.

From Design to Reality: The Trade Made Approach

Supplied with copper sheets and Ascot Signs' design file, we embarked on a meticulous journey. Before the first cut, we scrutinized the vector file, ensuring absolute perfection. Our commitment to precision starts from the initial design phase, setting the stage for flawless execution.

Hand-Crafted Excellence: Taming the Softness of Copper

Copper's softness presented a unique challenge, demanding a hands-on approach. Every letter was meticulously hand-cut and bent to perfection, showcasing the delicate artistry of our skilled craftsmen. The softness of copper became a canvas for our expertise rather than a limitation.

Overcoming Challenges with Trade Secrets

With the soft nature of copper, conventional methods like soldering or welding were off the table. Enter our trade secrets – the arsenal of techniques developed through years of expertise. This project became a showcase of ingenuity, where challenges were met with innovative solutions.

Soaring Heights: Trade Made Channel Letters Stand Tall

The outcome? Channel letters that not only met Ascot Signs' requirements but exceeded them. Some letters reach towering heights of over 2 meters, displaying elegance and stature that only Trade Made, the channel letter experts, can deliver.

Partner with the Pinnacle of Craftsmanship

Whether you're in need of copper channel letters or any unique signage project, Trade Made is your premier partner for unmatched craftsmanship and innovation. Elevate your brand presence with the experts at Trade Made.

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