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Custom Photo Frame

Updated: May 23, 2021

As our custom Frame designer is being updated i thought this blog was a good example of what a typically customer need to do to get a custom made acrylic frame. Susan was on the website looking for a acrylic photo frame as her friend had bought one from us was and Susan really liked it the problem was she want one that was not available from our standard range on the website the problem was she had a number of different sized pictures an she did not want to cut them down to suits some of the frames so she emailed us about a custom frame , we emailed her back and said no problem what type of frame are you after Photo Cube, Photo Sleeve or Photo Smooth what size of photos are they and how many of each?

She emailed us back and said she would like the photo sleeve version and she had 4 photos at 9 x7 ” and 2 at 4″ x 4″ also she want to put a large a4 print in the centre as she seen something similar it on her friends frame (4×4 big sleeve) and really like it, we said no problem and designed her a couple of different options with different layouts then emailed them to her she picked the one she liked then paid us for the manufacture we then produced to make the frame for her once completed and passed though quality control we shipped the finished frame to her a week later she emailed us back with a very nice thank you so that was another happy customer, Susan if you are reading this thanks and i hope you enjoy the frame.

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